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At EzyMath Studio, we celebrate learning. We believe that learning can and should be an enjoyable and uplifting process. We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality lessons which are interesting, light-hearted and at the same time effective and enriching.


We believe in lessons beyond classrooms where learning moments can present itself anywhere, anytime. Even in simple daily conversations, there are new lessons which can be learnt. To fully capture these learning opportunities offered to us in life, students need to know how to learn and possess the right attitude towards learning, the love of learning.

Because we care.



EzyMath Curriculum advocates holistic development. It takes into consideration the intellectual and psychological needs of students for them to excel. It is meticulously designed not only to assist your child with the challenging Mathematics problems they face in school but also to prepare them for the challenges beyond school. We work closely with senior MOE personnel and global educators to discuss our curriculum to provide the best materials and learning experiences for your child.

Take a sneak peak into the framework behind our Curriculum below:

4 Stages of learning

How to learn?


Our method of Teaching.


Our method of solving Mathematical problems.


Thinking about how you think.


Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

Zig Ziglar


Confidence. Resilience. Discipline. Team Player. Humility


At EzyMath Studio, these are the values that we will instil in your child through our learning programmes and through our passionate educators, who will rub their love for learning onto your child. We believe these values are important if they want to become champions in life. To succeed in school and life, students ought to be confident in their abilities. They ought to be resilient and never give up when faced with failures. They ought to be disciplined and manage the limited time allocated to them before they enter society and face their challenges in the real world. They ought to be a responsible individual and learn how to be a good team player to succeed and survive in the real world, because no man is an island. The other important value is humility, humility in the sense where they come to an understanding that there are just so many things in this world that they have yet to master. Complacency defies growth, be humble so as to not become complacent.  

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